Rules and regulations


Babbels en Krabbels is a school for both English and Afrikaans speaking children – all are welcome.


  • No child with a contagious childhood disease or any other contagious disease will be accepted
  • Learners aged from 3 months to 5 years


Application forms needs to be filled in properly before a child can be accepted.  A registration fee of R400.00 per family is payable.  The registration fee is payable in January every year and gets used for administrative purposes.

School Finances

  • School fees are payable in advance and have to be paid by the 5th of each month (cash or electronic)
  • There are 11 payments per year, the first in January and last in November
  • No discounts are given in cases of disease, holiday or part of a month
  • School fees may be adapted with one month’s notice
  • An application fee (one month’s school fees) is payable upon acceptance – please note that no application fee will be paid back if your child’s application is cancelled. The application fee is the last month’s school fee when notice is given to leave the school.
  • 10% discount is given for a full year’s school fees that are paid in advance before the end of February. Please note that no school fees will be refunded should you give notice during the year


  • Please make sure that the gate closes behind you and never allow strange children to leave the premises without their parents’ supervision
  • Please take your child(ren)’s hand as you leave the premises through the gate as it is dangerous on the sideways and between the vehicles. Children are not easily seen between vehicles.
  • We have an active alarm system with a panic button that is always available.

Extramural activities

Extramural activities are held on the school’s premises by persons that come from outside in their own capacity to present their products or services.  Fees for these activities are therefore paid separately.


  • Please inform before 09:00am if your child will be absent for the day(s)
  • Inform me about situations at home or at school that could influence your child’s behaviour
  • Inform me of changes to physical address, telephone numbers or doctor
  • Should a child have appointments with psychologists, therapists, etc., a report must be requested from the playschool
  • One calendar month written notice must be provided if your child will be leaving the school. Failure to do so will result in a full month’s payment still due.

Birthdays and special occasions

Please don’t send toys to school.  The special day may however be enjoyed at school if prior arrangements are made.  Sweet packets, cupcakes and a big birthday cake are more than welcome on the day.


We take all precautions to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the children.  The school does not take any responsibility for:

  • Any injuries that your child may obtain during school hours
  • Any behavior of your child before or after school hours whilst still on the school premises
  • Upon arrival, all children must be left in the care of one of the personnel
  • Please inform me if another person will collect your child from school as I will not allow a child to leave with someone else if no arrangements have been made
  • All clothes and belongings should be marked clearly. We take no responsibility for lost clothes or jewelry
  • Your child’s safety and wellbeing is very important to me. I am therefore always present and available during school hours.  Should it not be possible for me to be present or available, another arrangement will be made in which you will be notified.


Medication must be written in the medicine book and placed in the medicine holder.  No medication will be given if it has not been written in the book.  No medicine will be placed in school bags.

School hours

  • Monday to Friday: Half day: 7:00 – 12:00,  Full day: 7:00 – 17:00
  • A penalty of R50.00 per child is payable for every 15 minutes after 17:00
  • The school will be closed on weekends and public holidays
  • If a public holiday falls on a Tuesday or Thursday, the school will be closed on the days between the public holiday and weekend
  • The school will also be closed during December holidays
  • The school will be open during the other school holidays, but no formal program will be followed


All meals are provided.  The menu has been developed by a dietitian.

What kids must bring along

·         Plastic bag for dirty clothes ·         Cap that is clearly marked
·         One set of clean clothes ·         One clearly marked schoolbag that is big enough
·         Bottle with water ·         Clothes should weather change (like jersey, etc)
·         Hair brush that is clearly marked